Zandra FAQ

What is Zandra?

Zandra is a fully free (as in freedom), minimal, musl-based Linux distribution. It is extremely powerful, but we won’t be holding your hand.

Why use Zandra?

If you are an experienced computer user who is tired of deeply planted dependencies and unreasonably high memory usage, but also want to build your system from the ground up to cater to your needs, Zandra is probably right for you. If any part of the previous statement is inaccurate, Zandra is almost definitely not right for you.

How can I contribute to Zandra?

There are many ways. There is a to-do list on the main git repository. That’s a good place to start. You can also port software to Zandra or write documentation. Spreading the word is always great as well.

How can I donate to Zandra?

Sadly, you cannot donate to Zandra yet. Cryptocurrency will probably be the primary method in the future, though.

Why is Zandra labelled as a Linux distribution instead of a GNU/Linux distribution?

Zandra’s base system contains no GNU programs. To call Zandra a distribution of GNU/Linux doesn’t make sense, but of course GNU packages are provided in Zandra’s repositories.