If you’d like to help out the project, donating is only one of many ways to do so, but it is important nonetheless. It shows support and gratitude for the work done, and helps pay for things that would be out of pocket. Donations are managed by Ben O'Neill, the lead developer of Zandra Linux. They will be used for things such as server bills and financing hardware for a development box that developers can SSH into. They will not be used for anything unrelated to Zandra development. You are not donating to the developers, you are donating to the project. If you would like your donation to be reserved for a specific thing, you can state that if the donation method has a note option, or by emailing Ben afterwards with some sort of transaction identifier. Questions or comments about donations can be sent to Ben at Thanks!


Bitcoin: bc1q6cym4uv44etgme4yku5y0cr3jr2j7q5n2cc2p0